PS3 – 2: Frying Tonight

PS3 – 2: Frying Tonight
Episode 2. Frying Tonight!

So after lugging all the gear up to the study the time had come to connect up and see if all was well in the land of Playstation. After some careful moving of assorted desk junk I reckoned it would have to sit right next to my Xbox 360 so she could growl menacingly at this new desktop interloper between delivering to me bouts of chain saw mayhem and wonderment on Gears of War!

Being suitably savvy the lack of a manual wasn’t exactly a problem when it came to hooking up the PS3, my oversize power station sapping transformer was duly installed along with the network cable to my hub and I kind of figured that I needed to plug the controller in via the USB cable to get that side of things working initially! My overpriced ‘Splungbantek’ HDMI cable was offered up and I then spent five minutes trying to find the correct output channel on my telly in readiness for ground-zero switch on.

OK, all sytems in place? Check.
HDMI hook up confirmed? Check.
Network stable? Check.
Small children clear of the blast zone? Checkps3Erm, where’s the power button….. Oh! There look it’s a touch sensitive symbol thingy on the right side in front of the drive tray, flashy.

Right, I’m going to press it, stand back…..


A whir of life and lights begin to flash, my TV screen goes all black with a wavy ribbon, then the sounds of an orchestra tuning up? Weird.

Then quiet….. Quick! Check it’s still working!

It’s ok, the screen shows the language select menu but it’s strangely quiet. My Xbox 360 promptly goes on standby in protest but no, fair play to Sony although not silent it certainly wins the prize in the acoustic stakes so far.

A deft press of the spongy controller buttons and it knows to speak English to me, then we’re off into the world of Playstation land. Travel further with me into this great unknown in my next update!

In the next episode: ‘But I’m crap at texting’ sees me grappling with the interface and trying to fill in the text boxes on screen before actually getting to play some games!