PS3 – 1: The Search For Power!

PS3 – 1: The Search For Power!

ps3Episode 1. The Search For Power!

So I’ve got a nice shiny box full of Sony’s greatest hope for world dominance sat right there on my desk. Now if you were to believe the rhetoric, at this point my ‘Next Generation’ had just begun.

But, hang on – haven’t I already spent 12 months playing the ‘Next Generation’? No, of course not! Silly me, it only begins when Sony says so doesn’t it……

I hurriedly unpacked the box before it could start without me and found within: –

1. Playstation 3 (Or is it really a George Foreman grill? Hmmm)
2. Wireless Pad
3. Network Patch Cable
4. USB cable
5. AV Video Cable (Yellow, Red/White)
6. Power cord (Twin prong useless looking bit of wire and plug)
6. 操作マニュアル (Operating manual – in Japanese of course, go check if you don’t believe me!)

So let’s consider the options here, I have in my grasp the ‘Next Generation’ commencing Sony Playstation 3 and I’m going to connect this Blu-Ray leviathan with it’s 1080p output to my telly with what? an AV lead! Oh yeah, that makes sense!

Yes although they’ve managed now to squeeze an HDMI port onto the 20Gb unit I own they’ve still shaved off a couple of hundred Yen by not giving you the lead to hook it up! Nice one chaps. A quick scan of the ‘cable’ cupboard (spaghetti junction eat your heart out) revealed a lack of HDMI cables so a trip past Dixons was pencilled in and the extraction of £24.99 (ouch!) was made by a suitably knowledgeable (sic) sales assistant

Now problem number two. In Japanland they see fit to only use 110 volts of electricity type stuff to power their gear unlike our extra tasty 240 volts here in Blighty. If I were to plug the grill PS3 into my nearest socket it would indeed cook me up a lovely piece of steak but alas I wouldn’t be needing a drip tray as it would be a one-off event!

A quick check of the operating manual told me that 私は3時で110ボルトを必要とする。機械に動力を与える, so with that handy information I set about searching for a suitable step-down transformer to supply the required 110 volts and 3.8va (circa 380 watts). After much web site scanning I found just such an item at my local RS Components store and headed over to pick it up!

One small hernia operation later I had in my grasp the answer to my problem. I checked my wallet and discovered another £73 had seemingly vanished into the ether, this was becoming an expensive interest.
I could have settled for a smaller model but was concerned that with a 380 watt draw the 300va rated unit would struggle, better to go a little overboard and buy the 500va unit! After all I wouldn’t want to invalidate my warranty would I!

So replete with the necessary cabling to hook it up to my telly and a power brick to make my Xbox 360 look small it was time to head home and hook it all up.

In the next episode: ‘Frying Tonight!’ I finally get to power up the console and see if it actually still works having come half way around the world to be with me, for god’s sake keep your fingers crossed!