Pro Online Gambling Movement Gains Momentum

Pro Online Gambling Movement Gains Momentum

There have been rumblings for some time from our elected officials that perhaps it is time to rescind or at least open up the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) so that we can get out from under all of the bad press that has been following us around like a bad date. Not only are politicians now standing up for the removal of the online gambling ban, but the regular Joe feels like he finally has a say in something as well.

The pro online gambling movement started growing slowly in small places that didn’t think they could make a difference. Sitting on porches discussing the mess the online gambling ban was going to make, but not feeling like they could do much to get the law overturned. It seems that they were wrong.

It is exactly that small town idea that even one man can make a difference. The small rumblings became bigger ones until finally Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts started some pretty loud grumblings as well. He called the UIGEA the ‘stupidest law ever passed’ and has been working diligently to get the online gambling law repealed.

Many in Congress agreed but didn’t want to put negative publicity on themselves. However, as the momentum grew more representatives started signing on the bill to regulate and legalize online gambling. More and more think that it is a good idea, and that it could get passed with enough votes. What started as an idea, is now a possible law.

Radley Balko, the Reason magazine editor and writer, appeared on Fox News to discuss online gambling. Balso says that all attempts to make online gambling illegal should be opposed and that legislators need to heed his warning.

Balko says that the US is going to spend years more working to try and ban online gambling, and much money is going to be wasted in a fruitless attempt to do so. He says that as they are still protecting the horse racing, lottery and fantasy sports industries, they are already supporting online gambling and that this attempt is simply to make it easier for those groups to make money.

He says that the US Trade Office won’t even release the details of their settlements with those that have brought suits against them. Since the money from the settlement comes from taxpayer money we should have a say in how it is spent. He says that the claims that this is a matter of national security don’t really have anything to do with any of this.

Balko goes on to talk about the award given to Antigua regarding their annual reparations for us banning online gambling and thus taking away most of their revenue. Rather than reverse the online gambling bill, they are willing to sit back and let the WTO give away our copyrighted materials.

The US had previously settled with several other countries in regard to the sa online casinos battle, which weakened their position with the WTO. Balko says that the only reason online gambling is really banned is because of the ‘moral majority’ that is behind it.