Poker Terminology: The Button – Check

Poker Terminology: The Button – Check

The Button as it’s sometimes referred to. That’s the marker of the Dealer, that the Dealer Button moves around, it moves around in a clockwise motion with every hand. We all take our turn to nominally be the dealer in the hand. To be “On the Button” means that you are nominally the Dealer in the hand and that means, as the betting moves around, you’re actually gonna be the last person to act in the hand. It goes the Small Blind, the Big Blind, it moves around the table in a clockwise motion, comes back to you who’s “On the Button”, you are the Dealer. You’re the last person to act in any hand.

Some people think it’s a position of great strength, because you can see what the other people have done first. On the Button, the last to act, the Dealer in the hand. A Call. A Call is when you don’t Raise and when you don’t Fold. Let’s look at the example here at the table of a Call Bet.

We’ve started the betting off, we’ve got our Small Blind for 5, we’ve got our Big Blind there for two 5 chips which is a 10, action moves around in a clockwise motion, it’s this player next to act. If they’re gonna Call the bet, they just match the previous bet. You can sometimes call that a Flat Call where whatever the person’s bet before, behind them you bet exactly the same.

You’re not Raising the stakes, you’re not Folding out of the hand, you’re just maintaining the status quo in the hand by matching the previous bet, that’s called a Call. The Check. The Check bet happens in the second and third and sometimes the fourth round of betting at mega moolah canada, where you have the opportunity sometimes to stay in the hand without placing a bet. Now here we are, we’ve had the Flop, the first three cards to come down, the player to the Dealers left, they’re gonna be the first one to act. Nobody in the hand, in this particular juncture has yet, in this round of betting, made a bet.

So you don’t have to match anything, you don’t have to Raise anything if you don’t want to. To Check, you just tap the table and it moves round to the next player. When there’s no Action and you don’t want to put any Action or put any chips into the pot, you can check and pass the buck along to the next player in line. Eventually someone’s gonna bet, but if you wanna Check and move it around, just to keep yourself nice and safe without playing any money into the hand. That’s called a Check, when you move it around without placing any money.