Worst video game-movie tie ins

Video games based on movies tend to get a bad rap, and thats with good reason because there’s so many terrible ones out there that it’s hard to keep track. Often times they’re rushed to be released alongside the movie so they’re left buggy, broken or incomplete. So here’s my top 5 list of worst…Read More

Complications with Gambling Laws

I don’t foresee that, and I don’t foresee it because while there is nonstop attention and conversation about this topic, I actually believe this is gonna be a slow build, in terms of the number of states that come online and how they come online over time. I mean, we’ve got eight states that have…Read More

The Integrity Fee

We wanna have the business succeed, you can create an account, you can fund your account from here. Just when you flip the switch to gamble on one of the sports sites or on the other sites, you’ll be blocked. – David, that is the most anti-tourism message I have ever heard. – Casinos will…Read More