Top 3 Online Casino Games

Online gaming is highly popular as a form of entertainment today. At Casinoslots you will find a wide range of bonuses to sign up to that will help you keep your playing expenses at a lower rate. But what games are most popular to play? Online Casinos all seem to agree that the top three casino games…Read More

Betting on the Olympics

Even before they officially began, the 2008 Beijing Olympics have already been kind to sports bettors and bookmakers. The political issues surrounding the Olympic Games sparked a series of protests around the torch relay, and some nation leaders began openly reconsidering their Olympic policies. This led bookmakers to offer unique betting lines such as “who…Read More

Concepts: Mobile/Cell phone Poker

It’s a pretty obvious idea: People like poker, and people like cell phones. All anybody would really need to pull off a slamming cell-phone poker company, then, is the starting capital and a couple of programming nerds. No doubt, this was the logic behind Pokerroom’s 2005 launch of the world’s first cell-phone poker room. And,…Read More

Advanced Backgammon Strategies

Below, is a brief list of some of the most popular advanced tactics employed by experienced backgammon players. Read over the descriptions and instructions and during your next friendly game or match, try out a few and see if you have any luck. Who knows . . . perhaps one or more of these popular…Read More

PS3 – 2: Frying Tonight

Episode 2. Frying Tonight! So after lugging all the gear up to the study the time had come to connect up and see if all was well in the land of Playstation. After some careful moving of assorted desk junk I reckoned it would have to sit right next to my Xbox 360 so she could…Read More

PS3 – 1: The Search For Power!

Episode 1. The Search For Power! So I’ve got a nice shiny box full of Sony’s greatest hope for world dominance sat right there on my desk. Now if you were to believe the rhetoric, at this point my ‘Next Generation’ had just begun. But, hang on – haven’t I already spent 12 months playing the…Read More